Investment Process

At Paradice, the analysis of information and company insight is vitally important to successful stock picking – over time, we have developed considerable expertise in identifying valuable investment opportunities.

We undertake a rigorous process of analysis before investing in a company:

  1. Quantitative analysis, which values a company based on its cashflow and balance sheet. This involves assessing its financial statements and then forecasting future growth.
  2. Qualitative analysis, which involves analysing the industry in which a company operates, its market position, comparative advantage, business strategy, operating systems, the quality of its board and management, and whether the key drivers of the business are sustainable. Our extensive company visitation program provides a detailed insight into these aspects of the company and a valuable database for continual cross-referencing.

Whilst Paradice invests via four diverse strategies – Small Caps, Mid Caps, Large Caps and Global – our teams openly exchange stock ideas gained through their own research process.

We believe that this level of collaboration and sharing of analysis, insights and investment ideas is a unique aspect of our company, and a major factor in our success.