All investment managers aim to do the same thing: add value to investors by outperforming their benchmarks.

We are no different, but we believe that our independence and focus give us a competitive edge. It comes down to having the right people, process, structure and of course a consistent track record of solid performance.

Our investment team consists of high calibre, experienced professionals. The people responsible for delivering investment returns are the people making the decisions.

We take an active, yet disciplined, approach to portfolio construction. We only buy shares in companies which we have intensively researched first, and which we believe will provide the greatest return with the lowest level of investment risk.

As a privately owned company, we can easily align our clients’ interests with our own, attract and retain talented people and be disciplined around how much money we wish to manage. All of these factors contribute to our ability to add value for our clients in a unique and sustainable manner.

Our single overriding focus is to grow our clients’ wealth over the medium to long term. Each of our portfolios has consistently achieved this goal.