For additional insights into our four investment strategies, we’ve collected the most recent reports and perspectives below.

Paradice Global Small Cap – June 2019 Quarterly Webinar

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Published on 1 August 2019 [video width="636" height="360" mp4=""][/video]

Valuation always matters

Company Valuation , Paradice Australia Mid Cap , Paradice Investment Management
Published on: 13 June 2019 "Some in the market are saying valuations don’t matter so much. But valuation always matters. We are concerned, these things can continue for a while… but at some stage it becomes unsustainable" In this video, Matthew Riordan, Co-Head of Australian Mid Cap at Paradice Investment Management shared his view on this important issue. Source:

What we like and what we’re avoiding

Paradice Australian Large Cap , Paradice Investment Management , Sector Outlook
Published on 10 May 2019 "Back in late 2017 when BHP was $26 and unloved, Troy Angus Head of Australian large...

A postcard from Paradice

Australian Equities , Australian Mid Cap Fund , Economy & Politics , Matthew Riordan , Paradice Investment Management , Troy Angus
Published on 17 April 2019 "One of Australia’s most iconic funds management firms will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year....

CSL: The secrets to their success

Australian Equities , Large Cap , Paradice Investment Management , Success stories
Published on 22 October 2018 With a market capitalisation of nearly $100 billion and having produced returns of more than 20,000% (200x) for early investors who stuck with it, CSL is one of the true Australian success stories. But what has allowed them to achieve such outstanding success? Troy Angus, Head of Large Caps at Paradice Investment Management, says it...

What could derail equity markets?

Australian Equities , Equity Markets , Investment environment , Large Cap , Paradice Investment Management
Published on 10 October 2018 With the economy chugging along nicely, and equity markets grinding higher, it’s been pretty smooth...

How is corporate Australia holding up?

Australian Equities , Large Cap , Paradice Investment Management
Published on 28 Sep 2018 With so much discussion about the maturity of the current bull market, it would be easy to assume that corporate balance sheets have fallen into the same state of disrepair we saw before the GFC. Troy Angus, Head of Large Caps at Paradice Investment Management, had only recently launched his fund in 2007, and told...

The Rule of Investing: What makes a good business?

Global Equities , Global Small Mid Cap Fund , Investment approach , Paradice Investment Management
Published on 14 September 2018 After a chance meeting with legendary stock picker, David Paradice, today’s guest, Kevin Beck, joined...

The 5 key issues for markets right now

Australian Equities , Equities , Large Cap , Long term investment , Long-term interest
Published on 22 Jun 2018 Some of the key issues we are considering as we look into the next financial year are as follows: Will global growth momentum be sustained? Can geopolitical tensions derail the economic expansion? What absolute level of long-term interest rate becomes an impediment to equity prices continuing to rise? Will oil prices sustain the rally seen...

Australia’s $20 billion question

Chinese economy , Consumer behaviour , Emerging opportunities , Paradice Mid Cap Fund
Published on 18 May 2018 "There is approximately $20 billion of market capitalisation on the ASX with exposure to the...

A big shift in China

Macro , Paradice Investment Management , Paradice Mid Cap Fund , Sustainable growth
Published on 26 April 2018 For many years China has had a single focus of delivering high GDP growth. John Lake from Paradice Investment Management has recently returned from a visit to China and says two important shifts are taking place. One is a focus on sustainability and the environment ahead of growth. The other is the process of deleveraging...

Paradice: You need to think differently

Currency , Equities , Fixed Income , Macro , Property
Published on 16 Mar 2018 It’s 4am on a dark and rainy morning back in 2000. A lone, frustrated figure is running around Chatswood Golf Course. It’s a young David Paradice. He has just left the security of a large established firm believing he can achieve superior returns by investing in small caps. But things aren’t going to plan. Three...