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Like buying Xero four years ago

Global Small Cap , Paradice Investment Management
Published 7 February 2020 "Do you ever wish you'd bought Xero four years ago - before the price increased six-fold? Well, you may not be able to turn back the clock, but there's nothing stopping you looking for early-stage versions of Xero, or other local winners, in offshore markets." Paul Mason was featured in this article by Livewire to pick...

Why the fundies never sell these stocks

Global Small Cap , Paradice Investment Management
Published on 4 Feb 2020 Livewire went to their partnering global managers and asked them what the longest standing position in the fund is, and whether it still has long-term potential. Read on to hear from Paul Mason, our Analyst from the Global Small Cap team for his insight. ITT Inc (NYSE:ITT) is a US$ 5.8 billion market cap US-listed Industrial...

Loyal but unloved: 3 stocks craving your attention

Global Small Cap , Paradice Investment Management , Stock opportunities
Published 30 Jan 2020 Paul Mason, Analyst from the Paradice Global Small Cap team was featured in the recent article published by Livewire discussing the most underappreciated stock in their portfolio and why it is a hidden gem in offshore equity markets. Equiniti: Similar to Computershare but faster-growing and cheaper Shareholder services provider Equiniti Plc is a long-term UK holding...

Five key takeaways on the Global Small Cap Sector

Global Small Cap , Paradice Investment Management , Value Investing
Published on 15 November 2019 At a recent boardroom briefing, the Paradice Global Small Cap Fund team discussed their views on what’s influencing movements in the small-cap sector. They said two main themes are occurring: global low interest rates have inflated asset prices to historical records and there has been an apparent shift from growth to value investing. Click here...

Sohn Hearts & Minds Investment Leaders Conference 2018

2018 Sohn Hearts & Minds Conference , Global Small Cap , Lear Corporation
Published on 27 Dec 2018 Paul Mason, Analyst of the Paradice Global Small Cap team spoke about Lear Corporation and the future of the automotive business in this conference. Credits to: Sohn Hearts & Minds Source: