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How China is leapfrogging the West

Global Emerging Markets , Investment opportunities , Paradice Investment Management
Published on 6 February 2020 Mobile payment penetration in China is over 80%, well ahead of the West. So ubiquitous is the technology that beggars on the street often use QR codes rather than asking for change. Michael Roberge, Co-Portfolio Manager of the Global Emerging Markets Fund says that large, innovative companies like Alibaba and Tencent are “changing the game” for...

Are emerging markets cheap?

Business Quality , Global Emerging Markets , Paradice Investment Management , Risk Management , Sector Analysis
Published 29 January 2020 On the surface, emerging markets appear to be significantly cheaper than developed markets. Emerging markets trade at a forward PE of ~12x, compared to ~18x for developed markets. But dig deeper, and a different story emerges. Edward Su, Co-Portfolio Manager of the Global Emerging Markets explains that when broken down to a sector level, it’s clear that...