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Paradice Investment Management is a privately-owned Australian boutique fund manager established in 1999 by David Paradice.

We currently manage over $17 billion in assets across six distinct investment strategies with offices in Sydney, Denver and San Francisco.

The Paradice Australian Small Cap Strategy was our first investment offering in 2000. Since then we’ve added the Australian Mid Cap Strategy in 2006, the Australian Large Cap Strategy in 2007, the Global Small Cap Strategy in 2010 and recently the Global Emerging Markets Strategy and Long Short Australian Equities Strategy in 2019.

Our Focus

At Paradice, our objective is to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns and capital protection over the medium to long term.

We employ exceptional investment professionals with a proven track record. By combining extensive in-house research with a disciplined approach to portfolio construction we continue to deliver on our core promise.

The Paradice Difference

Paradice understands that investors seek professional investment managers who can add value by outperforming the market.

We believe our independence and focus make us stand out from the competition. The Paradice difference comes down to our accountability, alignment, experience and performance.

Our approach

We employ a long term ‘bottom-up’ approach to investment. Bottom-up stock picking begins with an assessment of how a company is likely to perform over a given period. If its potential performance appears strong, we then assess the outlook for its industry and finally the overall economy.

We believe equity markets are often inefficient due to investor emotion, short-term thinking and too much reliance on a single aspect of a company’s financial health – it’s profit and loss statement. Our key focus is on management, current and future cash flows and the quality of the balance sheet.

When the market reacts to false share price signals it can offer excellent investment opportunities.


Paradice is a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment and a member of ESG Research Australia.

Paradice has a duty to consider the potential financial impact of companies’ exposure to, and management of, environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Paradice views the incorporation of responsible investing (RI) as fundamentally integral to its investment process in that it seeks quality companies with strong financials and adept, shareholder friendly management teams – all hallmarks of well-run, sustainable businesses. Companies that fail to manage their environmental and social impacts effectively, or that fail to adopt robust ethical policies and governance practices, risk suffering direct financial harm or damage to their reputations. An intentional approach to wise management of a business’s ESG factors is more likely, in Paradice’s opinion, to lead to long-term success and value creation for investors. Thus, Paradice considers the fulfillment of its investment objective and responsible investing to be interdependent.